Secure cryptocurrency exchange

Quick and safe cryptocurrency exchange on favorable terms. Deposit or withdraw funds with a minimum commission.

Features of our exchange:

  • Easy interface.
  • Comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies.
  • For registration Verification is not required.
  • Two-factor authentication for protecting users accounts.
  • It's own Exchange Token for trading.
  • There are no trading limits, only restrictions.
  • 24/7 technical support, always ready to help you solve problems.
  • А secure trading environment.
  • Anti-fraud monitoring system.
  • Low trade commission rates, one of the most profitable on the market, 0.1% of the transaction amount.
  • The fund withdrawal commission rate is the minimum for the market; Deposit Without Commission.
  • Vouchers - transfer money to other users of the exchange without any fee.

Our platform is suitable for both beginners who want to exchange their funds with other users at market rates, as well as experienced traders who are interested in more complex stock exchange tools.

To this end, we have introduced the possibility of using the following tools for buying and selling on our exchange: limit, market, stop-limit, stop-market, trailing-stop, trailing-stop-limit.

Market: An order in which a purchase or sale is made immediately at current market prices.

Limit: Order to buy/sell at a specified or better price. With this order you specify the maximum price at which you are ready to buy or the minimum price at which you are ready to sell.

Stop-market: Order for selling or closing a position upon reaching a certain market price.

Stop Limit: Order combines the previous two types, being a stop order to create a limit order.

Trailing-stop: A stop order may be triggered in situations where the market price falls below the target and becomes unprofitable for you. Trailing stop orders for sale allow you to increase and protect profits when prices rise on the stock exchange, as well as to reduce losses when they fall.

Our company is registered in Estonia and complies with all the strict European Union rules on protection against money laundering and fraud.

Crypto Licences:

№FRK000118 — Provider of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency

№FVR000139 — Provider of a virtual currency wallet service

The main normative act of Estonia regulating this field of activity:

Trade simply and safely.